Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shake It Off

Calling all, "Super leaders, Super Cheer leaders!" Pum pum pum, the horns blow. Ok, blow it off. Shake it off. Dust it off, but do something Productive about moving on from The shackles placed by others. We've thought about it for too long. We've allowed it for too long. Act on your inner, "I'm going to show you!" Where's your Kryptonite? Where's your security? Mine is in my writing. I'm going in long and wide...and far! I've been told, "no." I am also the one they've called, "Nazia." It wasn't a choice. It was a conviction statement. It was me being condemned to (make me) stay down. I was never favored. I wasn't a 'Daddy's girl.' My heart witnessed my being torn down. My heart was scratched raw. The energy. The anger. I've lived under for too long. Now, two behemoths will face eachother: Evil vs Me. Be it unintentional evil, yet nothing was done To change it. Therefore, I believe it was intentional. On my agenda today, On my table today Research, read, write. How productive do I want to be to achieve greatness. Measure it on what I accomplished yesterday. The day before. The day before that. No? Well then, C'mon-I suggest I get going! Hahaha What am I waiting for, "Superman?" Ya, joke. I am the only "Superman" or Superwoman for that matter!" What's your Kryptonite? Use it fiercely and wisely! Be well Oh, and it's ok to break down the walls of Power and struggle placed on you. You shall no longer allow it. Case of Disappearing Tire Gunk from hearts.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The New School Year

The new school year is before us and just about getting comfortable into it's routine. Sadly, with the comforts of a new year, the kiddos begin to do so as well. With this said, it is imperative that they be guided to what's wrong and right behavior. Bullying is so subliminal at times that the kids don't even see it as bullying. They take it upon themselves to comment about one's clothing of choice, without realizing there are damaging repercussions to what was said. It's harmful to the student who is doing the bullying, as this is building into his character. It's detrimental to the child on the receiving end, as this too is building his character. Most often than not, we are a product of our environment, thus we are shaped by our experiences. With careful and wise guidance, we can change the otherwise devastating outcome of the agressor and the victim. I'm a firm believer in this tactic and it is my wish and desperate plea for kiddos of all ages to learn to coexist and believe in oneself to persevere through these perilous times. May, 'The new school year' shine brighter than ever before because of the conscious decision to brighten one another with our words and actions. Love and Light to all...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cantinflas in California

"Cantinflas" is here, in California! Pandemonium! "Pal de monio!" Diria el! What is it about "Cantinflas," now, even a movie! Cantinflas IS a Mexican legend. Cantinflas IS legendary to all. He was so clever, even acclaimed by Charlie Chaplin! He was and forever will be an, "IS." Since 1960, he's had his handprints at the planet wide known Chinese Theatre. His speech was not slender. It carried demonstrative weight, much more than can be said of his slender physique, and far too slender mustache of sorts! His speech was his own mastermind. A humorous dialect of sorts, that no other comedian had, nor could be reproduced. It's been hailed as an excellent film, and everyone should watch it! Should you? Why would you? Why would you when you weren't born when he was "Cantinflas!" He entertained our parents. He entertained our grandparents. Because simply said, He was the mastermind of Mexican silliness. Why wouldn't you? Why shouldn't you? Because when you were born, he had already left his comedic legacy intact, for future generations to enjoy. Cantinflas IS legendary. Cantinflas IS here to stay.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting all choked up when reading

It's seldom that I read a book. It's seldom that I read a book that inspires and transpires me. It's seldom that I read a book that inspires and transpires me, to emote so much that tears billow in my eyes. I am a sensitive being. I am sensitive to many things. Among the "many things," are human existence. What compassion and empathy we have with one another; towards one another. I get all choked up when reading my book. In my up and coming, little world of "make belief", it is my hope to thoroughly capture this same raw emotion, that ties my throat up into a wad. As I type away at squares with letters, that these 'words' evoke the same emotion upon you reading, than it did when I was typing away at this scene. It is so gratifying to set this description up, and visualize it. And feel it. It is even more so gratifying, to soon have your eyes billow up, as mine did tonite, typing that once sorrowful scene. If it is allowed, I invite you all, to come along this journey of joy, faith, responsibility, and discipline. Doesn't this sound like what our "real world" should be like? It is my intention to set this "make belief" world, into a movement of joy, faith, responsibility, and discipline. Be well...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Cleaning Self Help

Wishing to change. Washing to change. A little Spring Cleaning self help. These two are my desires these days. I revel in the opportunities that I am presented with. I am, 'wishing to change,' as well as 'washing to change.' In this case, I am using them interchangeably. With Spring around the corner, what better opportunity than now! Forget for one day, the Oscar's. Forget my talk about The Wizard of Oz, as I'm forgetting to have a huge follow up, after all of the renditions played out! "Wishing to change." What am I hoping to change? OMG. My heart and human side wishes to change just a few. However, my selfish and human side, say, too many to mention! Priorities: Heart and humanity. Usually they supercede all of my existence. Usually. -Bullying -Homeless -Jobless/Poverty -Animal cruelty -Illiteracy -Ignorance Those are my keypoints. So, with my "Washing to change," this is where I'll be able to make a difference. As I wash my clothes. As I wash my face. As I wash my hands. All of these epitomize the 'washing to change' factor. They all are a sign of renewal. Spring is a sign of renewal. After being 'dormant,' or "wishing to change," comes, 'renewal,' or "washing to change." I'll be able to make a difference in the way it impacts me. I'll have the means to do something substantial about it, and not have my life depend on it, as it has up to this point. Many of us want to save the human race, however, the selfish ego in us takes over. My selfish human side wants to save my human heart side. The human race will be saved...I will try to make a difference.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Venezuela Freed!

Alas! Glory days are here to stay. The skies are blue. The people on the streets cheer. No more darkness. No more sorrow. No more uproar. Alas! It's a new era. The tears of blood, are now tears of joy! Elation fills the streets. "Imagine all the people." -"Living life in peace." -"No countries." -"A brotherhood of man." -"Sharing all the world." -"I hope someday you'll join us." -"And the world will live as one." Back in 1971, this 3:03 poignant song, "Imagine," by John Lennon, took control of our world. Alas! It needs to be a different era. This same poignant song, Needs to take control of our planet! This song must prevail, for the lives Of the Venezuelan's. We are a, "Brotherhood of Man." We need to live, "Life in Peace." "I hope someday you'll join us." The 'Someday," is NOW. The world will live as one. Venezuela freed is possible. Imagine. The skies are blue. The people on the streets cheer. No more darkness. No more sorrow. No more uproar. Venezuela Freed!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Judy Garland in The Wizard Of Oz

Lately, well, "lately" is a relative term referring to the last couple of years or so. In reflecting about the "Dorothy" character, the psychology behind her. In reflecting about the "Wizard of Oz" and it's various elements. How this, "Judy Garland's" weakness, became so powerful. What a children's tale this became to be! The story adapted from the work of L. Frank Baum, about a Kansas girl and her journey over the rainbow. This past September 2013, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz was seen in 3D! As if the Wizard of Oz weren't the super coolest anyhow, they come in and remake it in 3D! The premiere was held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Ca. They had nice quality, bedazzled t-shirts made for this historical occasion. I'm sure Dorothy's spirit was lingering around! She probably can't believe all of the 'hoopla,' surrounding this film. Especially since in 1939, she visited during the premiere of, "Babes in Arms." Her turnout afforded her the good fortune of having her handprints and shoes forever on display. She sat her precious hands and shoes in the "square of glory." Forever to be appreciated. Forever appreciated, never forgotten. The legacy she left behind. The children she left behind: Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, Joe Luft. Ya, I know, I didn't know she was Liza Minnelli's mom either! Did the "apple fall far from the tree?" Do her children rake their own fame? Do her children live off of being, "The son and daughter of..." Have they committed their lives to being a legend of their own? I can only imagine the tremendous pain and rampant pressure they carried, without "wanting." It is my hope that my children have a fruitful, fullfilled life of their OWN, based on their OWN achievements. That they learn the main ingredients in a successful run here in life, so that they may be relinquished of the pain and rampant pressures of, "the apple falling far from the tree."